Wide Open Racing Fox Body Hoodie

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You can feel it... the Rumble of a race prepped V8 SVO four-bolt-main block with aluminum heads and an 830-cfm four-barrel Holley carburetor creeps closer, gaining speed every second. And then it hits you, a Whooosh of air passes you as your chest fills with the sound of speed. You lose your breath for a moment as your brain registers the glorious sound that just filled your ear canals. Your dopamine receptors fill up, you're nervous, happy, excited. That's speed, that's the feeling. The feeling you'll get everytime you slide this retro designed IMSA GTO Fox Body Hoodie over your head. Complete with period correct typography and striping, this painstakingly illustrated car includes all of the halftoney goodness you've come to know and love from LUE Creative Tees!