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As endangered as the Panda Bear and as elusive as Bigfoot, the Aero GT Taillights are a hot point of discussion in the Fox Community. The Cheese Grater tail light captures everything amazing about the 1980's by bringing the Venetian Blinds, casting a shadow over your white dust covered mirror in your Miami Apartment, to the backside of your brand new Mustang, but once everyone came down from their high and into the modern era these have often been replaced with the more conservative, LX lens. Join our cause and help restore a Fox GT near you by donating $25 to LUE Creative today and help us SAVE THE GRATERS and preserve a piece of Fox History.


*No actual proceeds will go towards buying any cheese grater headlights, but you can wear this shirt and pressure all of your friends into dusting off their stashed pair of lights and ditching their LX tails in the process*