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The Sun rises over a speedway, somewhere in the southeast, as the grid awakens. Drivers, Teams, Crew Chiefs emerge from garages to ready their cars, tools, and pit-boxes for today's action. There's a race to be run, laps to be turned, and 800hp of American Thunder to be unleashed, but before all of that is possible there has to be paint. A Scheme to attract the eye of the fan, to bring customers and interest to the brands emblazoned on your hood. Some think it's just paint, but we know it's the most important part. It's what takes your racecar from a 200mph blur to a 200mph billboard! At LUE Creative we wanted to imagine what a Fox Body T-Bird would've looked like with our branding. Retro transformed into a blocky digital version of the modern LC, this car would've held its own beside the greats of the era, making your eye dart thru the field from Davey Allison, to Bill Elliott, to this! Another Great Fox Body themed shirt from LUE Creative!