Calyp5.0 Fox Body Hoodie

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After a 4 year hiatus CALYP5.0 LIVESSS! Celebrate the long awaited return of Harris Lue's 1993 Calypso Green Mustang LX that has gone from an $800 beater to a Cobra Powered heater. Complete with the retro Calypso Green and Purple colorway, this hoodie will pair perfectly with your favorite vintage style outfit and keep you looking great at every car event you attend. Huge thanks to CJ Pony Parts, Late Model Restoration, UPR Products, and Our Dream Restoration for being a part of project Calyp5.0 and helping us bring this amazing car back in a whole new way. 


Grab this Calyp5.0 hoodie and show your love for the original LUE Creative fox!

Hoodie | Athletic fit 

Air Dry Recommended for best fit and finish results